Assault Air Bike: The Ultimate Cardio Machine

We tell you everything about a machine that is revolutionizing the way you perform cardio, especially at high intensity: Assault Air Bike.

What is the Assault-Air-Bike

This bicycle – although it has a similar shape to ellipticals that you can get in any gym – it is totally different from other bikes because it was created to achieve an increase in intensity in a very short time.

Wod Assault Bike

It is an ideal CrossFit bike for ‘high intensity interval training.

This machine, which some call “the bicycle of hell” , is the ideal option for enter a crossfit training circuit or simply to tackle it in short but very powerful series .

Using the Assault Bike truly represents taking training to another level , which is why it is one of the most popular machines today.

It is the most recommended by coaches and athletes , as it adapts to high or medium intensity exercises, depending on the time it takes to reach specific goals.

They are basically intense conditioning bikes especially when it comes to metabolic conditioning , however they have a number of advantages that make it on top of machines of its kind.

We leave you some High Intensity Routines to give your best during training!

Assault Air Bike Features

The main feature of this bike is the huge wheel in the front that resembles a round industrial structure, this is where the great strength of the machine comes from.

It can be said that its huge wheel is the heart of the bike , because from this point all the intensity of the exercise is developed.

The manufacturing company is not a novice in these fields, for years it has been producing fitness tools for gyms and high competition.

Its goal is was to create the best elliptical and static bike on the market because for years they have listened to the needs of athletes and coaches in order to achieve greater and better skills through this tool.

For this reason, Assault Air Bike summarizes and collects all the expectations of these professionals. What makes it so popular and essential in CrossFit or any other training circuit.


Starting with the seat which is a seat made of waterproof material , so it is anti-sweat and you will not slip during training. What this feature allows is that the pores capture the droplets of sweat and filter them , allowing for comfortable and safe exercise.

Allenamento su assault air bike

The bike is made of high quality materials that last over time.

Its frame is made of steel , which makes it a fairly sturdy and solid structure . It is covered with powder paint, a very easy to clean and anti-corrosion material.

This machine has a console that can be programmed with other devices to measure heart rate during physical activity and the distances traveled can be established with a very simple process.

Benefits of the Assault Air Bike

It is a air bike with handles reminiscent of the oars of a canoe, and with them – in addition to the pedals – a coordinated rowing movement is created.

Here’s how arms and legs move simultaneously, increasing the strength of the exercise.

Improving metabolic conditions

The structure receives its resistance from the wind turbine which, when it starts pedaling, causes and is redundant, more resistance.

This is the very essence of this machine, the high intensity training that improves aerobic capacity .

In addition to the numerous advantages of the Air Bike, it also provides benefits to other parts of the body: increases blood flow and, therefore, is favorable for the cardiovascular environment.

Rehabilitation spor tiva

It is also used for sports rehabilitation because one of its advantages is that it is an exercise that has no impact on the joints.


For this reason, health professionals recommend using it for the rehabilitation of athletes: physical condition, endurance, etc.

Endurance Muscle

Causes an increase in muscular and cardiovascular endurance , when performing a routine frequently.

It is important to note that the machine allows the upper and lower body to be performed by a resistance mechanism isokinetics, or the energy with which it works is that of the body itself.

CrossFit and Assault Air Bike

The Assault Bike is the true CrossFit bike with air resistance.

It is one of the most challenging exercises for doing high intensity cardio.

During training the pedals are activated and simultaneously the handles, with which you can work all parts of the body.

Interval training at high intensity

Some wods that can be performed with this bike is through HIIT , performed for short periods of high intensity exercise.

So short moments of active and incomplete rest, but we should continue pedaling and move the oars only at a reduced speed.

Another wod, for example: TABATA of 4 minutes: 8 sets of 20 seconds of work are performed at intervals from 10 seconds of rest.

Another alternative is to make wod using watts generated, revolutions per minute, distance traveled, etc.

Alternative: the Bike Erg

It’s a ergometric instrument that has the same fan and performance monitor as the other models in the house, but more advanced.

Bike Erg

Like its cousin, the Assault Bike, the fan uses resistance .

However the difference is in the clutch, which when activated the bike stops immediately.

It also improves other aspects, in particular the PMS monitor which presents more precise data on time, distances, calories, among others.

Monitor PMS

You can store this data on a pendrive . You can also play competitions with another machine of the same model.

Train to be fit and healthy

Being fit has been and is the priority of competition athletes .

However, today there are more followers who want to improve their quality of life through exercise and healthy eating habits .

Those who practice this lifestyle are the target of large machine manufacturers for training that are increasingly effective at achieving short-term goals, such as the Assault Bike.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you I highly recommend it!

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